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Lose Weight And Keep It Off With This Permanent Solution

Does being overweight drain you?  Are you sick and tired of worrying about your body and comparing yourself to others? Have you had enough of being controlled by food? Your mood depends on the number on the scale, and you’re constantly ridden with guilt.  You feel like a leaky bucket, and your energy is draining due to the “holes in the bottom of the bucket,” shame and guilt.  If you’re simply done with all the mental and emotional and physical aerobics of feeling fat and inadequate, then the time is right for you to make a change. If you don’t want to end up alone and miserable and resentful of yourself and others, then the time is right for you to make a change, isn’t it?

Why Other Methods Don’t Work 

Now it's important to note that if you haven't been able to lose weight, stick with a diet or keep fat off it is NOT YOUR FAULT. Diets don’t work because they merely deal with symptoms. Will power is not enough to keep you on a diet or eating healthy food. You have to do something else if you want to permanently lose weight and keep it off.  You must change your thinking on a DEEP level. See this is the problem. On an outer level you tell yourself "This food is bad, I shouldn't eat it," but deep down inside you want it, you crave it. Maybe you feel you deserve happiness from food. Maybe you feel like it completes you. Well with those URGES, you will NEVER be able to lose weight and keep it off. 

You must change your subconscious mind. You must begin to positively associate eating healthy with feeling good. Once you do this, eating healthy will be easy. In fact once you make this deep change, gaining weight and eating unhealthy will actually be hard. It will be almost impossible to gain weight!

Now the easiest way to make this mindset shift is to hire a coach, somebody who knows how the mind works and can walk you through step by step what to do to make this shift. That is where we at Harmony Harbor come in. 

How Harmony Harbor Coaching Can Help 

We are mind and subconscious coaches. We understand how the mind works and know what to do to re wire it. We will help you change your thinking on a subconscious level, thus making it EASY to be healthy and HARD to eat junk food. If you would like a free coaching session simply fill out the form on the right now. 

We can help you to modify the painful picture or memory through refined techniques that work with the Subconscious Mind, the store house of all of your experience and emotion. Our techniques and intuitive coaching help you identify patterns and limiting beliefs that are destroying your peace of mind. We can help you release the weight for good, in MUCH less time than conventional diets and exercise programs. 

So What is Your Next Step?

1) Privately coach with us for a one-on-one, laser-focused experience. Click here to schedule a session.
Remember the only way to lose weight permanently is to change your thinking at a core level. If you don't do this, no diet, exercise program or 'will power' will do it. You must change your thinking and what you link pain and pleasure to. Once you do this everything else falls into place. You deserve to live a healthy and fit life. Fill out the form on the right for a free coaching session. We will go over free techniques you can use NOW to start changing your mind as well as go over how our coaching program works. 

You deserve it. Fill out the form on the right now and we'll talk to you soon.

Lose Weight Permanently Without Willpower DVD.  Click here to order.

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