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    Some people are self-starters and very self-disciplined. They want to work this at their own pace, easy does it, and take a be-gentle-on-me approach. If that’s you, then this Self-Starter Option is right for you.

    The Project all starts with ONE person’s decision (that’s you!). That’s right.  It doesn’t require that the people you love get on board with you. They don’t have to change! Although this may bug your EGO (why do I have to do all the changing?), it’s actually good news because you hold all the cards. This puts you in a Powerful Control Position.

    You will be rebuilding a solid, healthy and whole foundation with yourself, which will positively affect each of the significant people in your life, whether that is a significant other, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, etc.  And that includes people who have passed on.  YES, they still impact you!
    As you grow stronger, each person you know develops their strength and success on a long-term basis.  It all starts with YOU opting for growth and well-being.

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