The Relationship Renovation Project

The Relationship Renovation Project:  Be Brave Enough to be YOU! (The Project) is a 6 month project of short, weekly videos and easy work book assignments.  The overall objective of the Project is to help you access the feelings and beliefs that hold you hostage to worry, anger and fear and living a mediocre life, SO THAT YOU CAN BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO BE YOU AND LIVE YOUR IDEAL LIFE!

How will it help you (how will your life change)? 

The Project will take the relationship you have with yourself, others and God/Higher Power and renovate it so that you can handle whatever comes your way and find security, freedom, significance and love and happiness while on the journey!

The Project all starts with ONE person’s decision (that’s you!). That’s right.  It doesn’t require that the people you love get on board with you. They don’t have to change! Although this may bug your EGO (why do I have to do all the changing?), it’s actually good news because you hold all the cards. This puts you in a Powerful Control Position.

You will be rebuilding a solid, healthy and whole foundation with yourself, which will positively affect each of the significant people in your life, whether that is a significant other, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, etc.  And that includes people who have passed on.  YES, they still impact you!

As you grow stronger, each person you know develops their strength and success on a long-term basis.  It all starts with YOU opting for growth and  well-being.

How does it work?

There are three different levels of accountability and customization.

Self-Starter:   $297

Some people are self-starters and very self-disciplined. They want to work this at their own pace, easy does it, and take a be-gentle-on-me approach. If that’s you, then this Self-Starter Option is right for you.

Rapid Relief Now!:   $497

Others need more direction, accountability and customization.  You get all of the same great transformational material, and you receive a monthly group coaching call and customized email support. This way you get your questions answered promptly as you do the work AND you are held accountable on the call. This option is perfect for you if you are willing to be open in a group setting and allow others to support you.  It’s called Rapid Relief NOW because you’re in pain and you want some immediate personal support and relief from that pain now.  You can get this through prompt, personal email support and a live monthly group call.

Rapid Results Now!:        $397/mo

Lastly, I have a third option for you if you want relief now, AND you are eager to get rapid results for a specific goal.  Perhaps you have specific financial or business goals.  Perhaps you have an urgent relationship issue or health concern.  So this level will give you all of the above (weekly videos/workbook/customized email support, monthly group coaching call) PLUS a monthly private, 1.5 hour, laser-focused session with me.  

In each private session, you will benefit from one of the three healing modalities (EFT, hypnosis or healing code) along with my intuitive coaching skills that pinpoints your patterns hidden deep within the earth of your Subconscious mind to get rapid results. 

This level is just right for you if you want to get specific rapid results NOW.  You have a level of impatience and sense of urgency about resolving your #1 worry.

There are 4 parts to The Relationship Renovation Project:


  • Get clear on the vision and direction you want your life to take.
  • Write smart goals.
  • Identify and understand who you are and why you have made and continue to make certain decisions. 
  • Understand the parts within your Subconcious that keep you stuck!
  • Forgive your past!



Develop a solid foundation of physical health. 

Yes, we are physical beings having a human experience.  If you are “spiritual-minded,” it may be easy to lack respect for your physical self.  But know this.  You can’t be your BEST spiritually, when you’re dragged down by an ineffective and sick physical body.

So we will delve into your physical world (the lower foundation of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs) of quantity and quality of food, supplements and drinking water, sleep, exercise, toxins, other self-care and clutter in your environment

We must get your Physical Realm operating at 80% or higher before delving more deeply into the Emotional Realm. If we don’t go in this order, your other areas may crumble due to a weak foundation


  • Develop a strong relationship with yourself, others and God/Higher Power.
  • In order to manage your emotions effectively, you must “know thy self.”  
  • Dive deeper into forgiveness work, self-acceptance and expression, and self-love.
  • Once you have developed this solid emotional relationship with yourself, you can then and only then truly extend that same courtesy to others. 

So you will understand how Judging Others prevents the intimate connection with them and how you can truly connect with others through love, truly listening and giving.


Develop a solid relationship with your mind and revamp your beliefs around your ability to manifest money and anything else. Understand the main belief systems that are holding you back financially and in all ways.  

The core belief that you are not enough leaves you feeling drained and frustrated because there is never enough time, money or love because you don’t feel enough, worthy and deserving on a subconscious level. Learn how the fear of taking responsibility is holding you back big time and what to do about it! 

By the end of the 6 months, you will have created a new YOU, a new relationship with your physical world, a new relationship with yourself, others and God/Higher Power, and a new paradigm around what you can create because you’ve revamped your beliefs around money and how to manifest that.

 What is your next step? 

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