"We had our most recent personal session on October 30th, and after that my schedule was too hectic to listen back to it and tap along like I had planned. Then I began to notice how this huge shift in my sense of self-worth was taking place and it felt like someone lifting a blanket off of me or something. I felt it happening at the beginning of November, but I couldn't attribute the change to anything specific until I finally listened back to our Oct. 30th session and what we tapped on! After Tuesday's conference call, hearing you explain how EFT works vibrationally (it was good for me to hear that refresher), and then listening back to that session, I realized that was the cause of this huge shift! It feels GREAT. You really have a tremendous talent at this and I hope it leads you to financial abundance. To me, you're a wonderful example! Thank you so much for all your guidance and love.”

Loretta, LA

Angie and I met in February 2014 when she shared a presentation on how to 'speed up your prosperity.' I can remember thinking, "Wow, this gal is really great!."

Then a year ago, at the perfect moment, Angie called invited me to a Transformation Game night she was hosting. It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time in my life. (Angie has a 'sixth-sense' about these sort of things...). The next event she had coming up was the Whole Soul Intensive. Attending that event changed my life.

I learned how to feel my feelings and the changes I needed to make within myself in order to "get my life back"; and that is just what happened. I learned how to set boundaries and express my needs. I learned how to say "no" and mean it so that I didn't feel like I was leaving myself behind so I could tend to everyone else's needs instead of my own.

Setting boundaries started at home for me. I am a wife and mother of a daughter with special needs, but before the Whole Soul, I felt more like a maid and a servant. I used to do everything I could to avoid conflict or hurt anyone's feelings. I was the "super mom" and I could do everything that every "good wife" should be doing. But in Truth, I was completely overwhelmed. I would stop what I was doing to do simple tasks for my daughter that she was perfectly capable of doing for herself. Instead of 'inconveniencing' my husband by asking for his help with a household task, I would just do it resentfully myself, and in my mind blame him for making it my responsibility. I worked so hard to protect everyone else's feelings that I ignored my own.

Angie has helped me to shift my mindset and get my life back. Telling my daughter "no, you can do that yourself" has empowered her to learn that she can do it.  Asking my husband for help has strengthened our relationship in that we are doing things together as a team, and I don't have to struggle to get it all done on my own. I learned about who I am, to be strong and confident, and to stop hiding behind worry and fear of what everyone else thinks, both in my family AND in my business.

Of all of the things I have experienced as a result of Angie's coaching, the best part is the ripple effect of change that is happening in my family and the people in my life. The transformation in me is creating a transformation in them.

The process is still in motion, and I look forward to where Angie's coaching is going to lead me next. I highly recommend Angie!

Alana Treppler, St. Louis, MO
I have been working with Angie Monko for about 2 years now, and I can honestly say that she has helped me a lot.I really appreciate her willingness to continue supporting me even when I get off track. She has taught me how to believe in myself, and she has helped me to be emotionally free. Everyone struggles with emotional pain at some point in life, and what I have come to realize is that it takes strength to dig deep and do the work it takes to heal. She has taught me to take full responsibility for how I am feeling. I can't control what other people do and say,but I can control how I respond to the things around me.

I know that I have a great support system with her and harmony harbor coaching.  I also know that if I am ever struggling with anything in life, I can call her and she will help me through it.  It takes personal dedication to do the work.I get out of it what I put in, and I have learned so much about myself through working with Angie.I would recommend her to anyone. I can honestly say that I am in a better place emotionally because of the work that I have done with her.

Thank you for everything, Angie!

Alex F., Edwardsville, IL

“Angie Monko's wonderfully intuitive facilitation style is incredibly helpful with EFT. With me, her penetrating questions helped me bring to consciousness several long-held limiting beliefs, which I was then able to resolve to a great degree during our phone call and tapping session. The best part is her compassionate, gentle voice allayed my fears with the process and emotions and helped me clear some family trauma I was sure was permanent. She also supported me with emails for the session and followed up. All of that ensured that I got the benefits not only of the session but also beyond in inspiration and willingness to keep up the tapping. She's a joy to work with!”
Angela Renkoski, St. Louis, Missouri

 “This was the best money I ever spent. I have been overweight most of my life and unhappy I thought because of that. I was in an abusive relationship and felt depressed most of the time. Now since working with Angie, I lost weight, was successful in leaving the abusive relationship and feel terrific. I accomplished all of this without expensive drugs that don't work or long term therapy. Angie coached me using her gift of intuition and other techniques that really work. She showed me how to believe in myself again and how to create an abundant, happy and fulfilling life. Because of my experience with Angie, I can now create and attract all the joy, abundance and wealth God meant for each one of us to have.”
In love and light,
Ann Coats, Georgia

 “With Angie's help through EFT, I was able to gain the confidence and focus I needed to face my fears in the ring and become a national karate champion. I am now able to use EFT to achieve goals in my personal relationships as well.

Anne Kovac, Black Belt Karate Student

Angie is amazing and can help you open the door to self awareness and improvement. The EFT techniques she untilizes are effective and powerful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. - Ann Aranda

“Angela Monko has used EFT to help me take my life to a new and exciting level. She has the unique ability to get to the core issues of what was holding me back in my life. She used EFT to help me break down the false foundations that I had been building my life around. I thought that I was just talking with her about weight loss, but what I found were the core issues that kept the weight on, were also affecting many areas of my life. Angela is a compassionate and gifted coach. With the use of EFT Angela has shown me the ability to choose the life that I want, instead of my life being chosen for me by circumstances of the past. If you have dreams and desires in your life that you just can't seem to make come true, look at the EFT and talk with Angela. I highly recommend her as a coach, mentor and friend. The work that she does and the intuition that she has, combine to create a unique opportunity for you to get in life what you say you want. If you are not where you want to be in life, why not? If not now, when will you decide to get there? Work with Angela and create your best life NOW!!”

Barry Miller

Some people are blessed to grow up in a warm affectionate family!  I was one of those!  We were taught the importance of doing for others.  And I did!  When I was 8 years old my mother gave birth to my little brother, she had major problems.  As the oldest daughter, I started to help taking care of that little guy!  By the time I was 10 years old, all of my neighbors were hiring me to babysit for their children.  I went on to become an elementary school teacher and then run a licensed daycare and later a food program for the USDA.  I was the nurturer but no one taught me the importance of making sure that I was taking care of ME! 

Harmony Harbor has been a place where I learned to "Set Boundaries."  Unless we understand our own importance and decide what we need and want in relationships, we will never find the deep joy we are looking for.  Let Angela Monko give you the perspective you need to build the life you want.

Becky Bodenstab, St. Louis, MO.

"Amazing Seminar – I can’t stop thinking about all the details and information received last evening. Thank you for your gracious and kind spirits!   BJ Crabtree, St. Louis, MO

As a consequence of a crisis in my marriage 5 years ago, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. The journey started with 1 1/2 years of therapy, even though I'd consulted with mental health professionals numerous times before. Therapy led to an in-depth relationship course  lasting 4 months with 10-12 other couples. My therapist  also suggested that I join an Al-Anon group to learn how to set boundaries for those around me and to end my cycle of co-dependence with my husband and children.

Each of these approaches contributed to my recovery, but it was not until I began working with Angie that my recovery went into hyper-drive. Not only does Angie create a space of love and support to facilitate personal accountability, but she utilizes several alternative healing methods to assist you in acknowledging and letting go of old feelings and replacing them with new, positive ones. Once I recognized my part in my emotional difficulties, I was able to use her combination of EFT (emotional Freedom Technique), "healing codes" and hypnosis to cultivate the mind-body connection which has helped me love myself and commence healing . Through personal coaching sessions with Angie and attendance at her "Whole Soul Intensive" weekend, monthly "Masterminds" and other seminars, I have recovered from the pain I felt when I started this process of self-discovery. My husband recognized the difference in me and asked Angie to coach him. Our relationship is better than it's been in a decade because we're each communicating on an authentic, honest level. We're seeing each other with new eyes thanks to Angie's coaching.

Cathy Kohn, St. Louis, MO 




I had the pleasure of talking to Angie regarding a difficult work situation I'm in.  Angie did a great job of telling me the truth I needed to hear in a loving manner, so that I could begin setting boundaries around behaviors I was no longer willing to tolerate.  She is clearly passionate about helping others and is willing to take you out of your comfort zone for your own personal growth.  I highly recommend Angie!
Crystal S, St. Louis, Mo.
"I am getting married in a month. I was contacted by my fiance's sister who was very upset at the way we were doing things and stating that his whole family was unhappy with us. Because of the Coaching I have received from Harmony Harbor I was able to address her concerns without getting pulled into the drama of it all! I felt calm as I messaged her using the skills I have been taught and realizing that her anger was not really directed at me. I am learning not to take things so personal or make them about myself! And guess what... It worked!!! By the end she was apologizing for having exploded and thanking me for listening to her! Yeah!!! I am so grateful for the tools and training I have received with Angie Monko!!! Thankyou!!!”  Dana Brust, St. Louis, MO.
We are so grateful to Angie with Harmony Harbor for her support, encouragement, and teachings. I started working with Angie soon after my divorce. I was struggling desperately with so much fear, shame and guilt. I was nervous to begin working with her as I have strong beliefs in our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ and I wasn’t sure how she would react to those. I was grateful to realize that Angie too believed in God and that she wasn’t there to change those beliefs but to support me in seeing the greatness that God had created in me that I had lost focus on. The thing that also struck me was when I realized that Angie could relate to my pain. Many of the things I was going through she had already experienced and could truly understand how I was feeling.

As we worked together Angie taught me the right tools to use to help me overcome the negative thoughts and beliefs I had about my life and myself. I began to have hope once again and started to shed the feelings that kept me feeling worthless.

As I began to heal and open my heart up, a man came into my life, Bill Dent Clark. We met at a single’s site online and I was attracted to how kind, funny and genuine he was. There were a couple things I did notice about Bill that concerned me. I asked Bill if he’d be willing to talk to my life coach and I was pleasantly surprised when he agreed to do so. Bill had baggage from his previous marriage, as did I. I knew that we both needed help in healing if we were to move forward in our relationship. We both worked separately with Angie so our relationship could progress together safely.

I remember in one of my sessions I began talking to Angie about my fears that were overpowering me about Bill. I was afraid of committing to marriage and failing again. Angie was loving and firm as she talked to me. She helped me overcome my fears and listen to the spirit that was telling me that Bill was meant to be in my life. In the meantime she was addressing Bill’s concerns and helping him to have the confidence he needed to propose to me.
Angie could see how much we loved each other and helped us both to overcome our reservations. Bill ended up proposing to me at one of Angie’s workshops. We were married about 6 weeks later.

We have had problems since being married but with Angie’s help and with her couples counseling we have overcome so many of the petty disagreements and prideful interactions we had at first. We are more loving, kind and respectful of each other and less likely to take things personally. When we do get upset it doesn’t last for very long as we both work together to have a peaceful home and partnership. Angie has also started to help some of our children (we have 10), which has added even more love and happiness to our lives!

We feel so much gratitude towards Angie for helping us to have the courage to take the right path that led us to each other. And despite obstacles we still are working to overcome, we’ve never been happier! Angie has such a gift for working with people of all ages. Thank you deeply from our hearts!

Dana Rich and Bill Clark, St. Louis, MO

The free workshop was awesome. Devon
Working with Harmony Harbor Coaching has increased my ability to manifest the right people to support and grow my business.  I don't have to go it alone as an individual or be worried or afraid; I can embrace change.  For example, I've learned to gauge my hiring the right people as my support team, which saves my business both time and money immediately and down the road.

Embracing change with a team approach has allowed me to refrain from jumping into things without a safety net.  I now feel supported and benefit from group synergy when taking risks.  In addition, I had to confront my huge fear of failure and rejection when developing relationships within my team.  I realized  that I had been guarding my knowledge from those who needed it most, and I needed to outwardly express how I valued their input. 

Our communication welcomes trust and honors everyone's experience.  The contributions and talent of my team guide's every day decisions and the future of my business....

I now meet people where they are, ask them what their goals are and what makes them happy.  This new mindset has allowed me to triple my revenue, and I'm a lot happier and feel much more supported.  My team shares core values, and we thrive because we serve other people together.  As a result, my quality of life has tremendously increased!

Diane Finnestead, St. Louis, MO
Like many busy professionals, I was having trouble balancing my work and home life where I share my home with my older sister and her daughter, my teenage niece. At first, I was concerned about doing the 2 day Whole Soul Intensive with a group because I wasn't sure if I'd feel comfortable opening up with authenticity and asking for help. Let's face it, I had just met these people and questioned myself about how comfortable I would be in this setting.

However, I chose to work with Angie at Harmony Harbor because I trust her, and to my surprise, soon the other Whole Soul participants seemed like friends I'd known for a lifetime. What I enjoyed the most was listening to the stories of both adults and young adults. I was able to grasp their frame of reference and realize that imperfections and life's challenges make me and everyone more beautiful.

I became more clear HOW to balance my life when one young lady spoke about her need to achieve independence from her mother and still have a respectful relationship, and another spoke about the concerns of motherhood including pushing her child to be her best she could be out of love for her.

By interacting with others through partner and group activities, I was able to develop more compassion and understanding for my sister and niece which had strengthened our relationships and home life.
I continue to implement the action plan and techniques from the intensive, and I am more than happy with the results so far. I have learned I deserve to ask for help and now have an business assistant, lawn service and personal trainer.  

I would tell a friend without a doubt to call Angie right now and start getting the life you REALLY want. Her number is 314-422-6520.

Diane Finnestead, St. Louis, MO

“This tapping class is very energizing and helps to retrain your energy pathways for better messages to yourself and healthier eating. I really enjoyed it.”
Diane Keefe, St. Louis, MO

 3 Massive Mistakes Professional Women Make is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to advance themselves with personal development. I believe you are worth any investment if you honestly want to grow and Angie is the right way to make this investment. Her knowledge clearly shows in the seminar."  Donna Burst, St. Louis

“After struggling with weight loss for over 25 years and only having a glimpse of awareness of an unconscious block, I knew Angie's hypnosis method would break through my self-barriers and make weight loss achievable. Angie is wise beyond her years. She facilitated self awareness and personal growth by leaps and bounds over every other weight loss program I have tried. Through hypnosis, along with her EFT method, what were once elusive goals were now achieved in a matter of weeks. I had success with using hypnosis in 1991 to quit smoking. That worked after one session. Food addiction is much a more complex and complicated issue. It encompasses every area of our lives, spiritual, physical, and emotional. She designed a formula that was personal to my situation and effective. Her professional opinions and easily performed tasks were sound and quite remarkable, making insight and personal growth much more quickly attainable. Also, she is a good coach who motivates gently. I am so happy she had a method that helped me to get unstuck and move closer to achieving my personal weight loss goals.”
Donna Schmitz, St. Louis, MO

“When I met Angie, I was feeling discouraged and hopeless in several areas of my life. I had been focusing on losing weight but discovered while working with Angie that the weight was tied to issues that I hadn't successfully dealt with. I was amazed at how quickly I refocused on what I wanted, not what I didn't want, and the weight began to fall off. She is an intuitive and gifted coach and mentor. Her integrity and professionalism helped move me through initial reluctance to commit to working with a coach. Also, I felt confident in her training & advanced certification in EFT and her certification in hypnotherapy. Working with Angie was the push I needed to take myself and my issues seriously. Most of all, after working with her the first time, I regained hope and that has been more than enough to motivate me to keep moving forward.”
Elizabeth Okenfuss, St. Louis, MO

  “Hello Angie, I want to send an email and let you know how much EFT and your coaching skills have helped me in my personal life. I have spent years struggling to overcome some serious issues that have beaten me down and kept my self-esteem rock bottom. I have enjoyed our coaching time, and your compassion as a person, and hope that you are able to help many more people as you have helped me. Thanks so much for all the help!”

Heather Grundy, VA

“Coaching with Angie has been a wonderful experience for me. With Angies love & support I am able to be more in control of my emotions. I have more confidence in the decisions that I make. I have learned how important it is to trust God. Coaching with Angie has been the best gift I have given to myself. She really cares about her clients.”
Jamie Bonett, New Jersey

 “I had been in a difficult place for so long I'm not sure when or where it started. I found Angie on the Internet and contacted her immediately. Because of Angie, I believe that my life is important and that I am a gift of God. I had always believed that I was somehow broken and unable to be fixed. Angie helped me see and come to believe that that is not true. Angie stayed by me when I had given up. With her gentle but firm hand, she guided me back to get answers that I needed. She kept telling me that I had the answers in me already and that I just needed help finding them. She was right. Angie is intuitive and always seemed to know exactly what I needed. Was it a coincident that I found Angie on the Internet? Of course not. There are no coincidences, just the Universe bringing Angie to my rescue!”
Jane Brengle, St. Louis, MO

"I loved that Angie was very genuine and taught the information from her heart and personal experience. My main take-away were the 5 tips to get more free time, especially making physical changes and setting aside time for my emotional health. My time set aside for me right now is in front of the TV, and I need to put these tips together to create more health and balance."

Jennifer Stewart, St. Louis, MO

"I thought that the 3 Massive Mistakes workshop was helpful.   I think Angie is extremely compassionate about her work, which sets her apart from others.  Overall, I would say that I enjoyed it.  My main takeaway was that we are to blame for our own problems as to why we are overworked, overtired and burnt out.  We need to feel empowered and to learn how to fuel ourselves to make better decisions and respond to others in a way that communicates our boundaries and bottom lines."

Jennifer Stralka, St. Louis, MO

Having struggled with Depression and Anxiety, I became accustomed to the “difficulty” of life and allowed myself to feel victimized by my situation. Angie has helped me to see that I have the power to create my own story and change the things I cannot accept.

Over the time I have spent working with her, Angie has continued to create a safe space where I can explore many of the issues that I believed would always plague me. I used to think that there was no solution to my problems. I was convinced that I would only continue to suffer or create suffering in those I care about; ultimately continue to feel alone. Angie has helped me realize my self-worth and actualize my potential through avenues I had never considered.

It has been a long time since I could say this:

I am finally feeling hopeful for the future, confident in my path and emotionally strong enough to create the successful, happy and healthy life that I desire and deserve.

Thank you, Angie, for your unconditional support and thoughtful wisdom.

Jessica Kohn, Los Angeles, CA
My name is Jessica Lane. I am a wife, mother and business owner. I have been working with Angie for almost 2 years. As a mother of 2 small boys and trying to grow my business, I found myself completely overwhelmed with life.  That’s when my mother told me about Angie.

When I first started working with Angie I wasn’t really sure about anything. I didn’t know what to expect from her nor what she would expect from me. One thing that surprised me about working with Angie was how much I have learned about myself.  Some sessions were not always easy and actually very emotionally exhausting but it has helped me to grow into the person I know God wants me to be.

Angie is kind and compassionate, but most importantly, she is honest. She tells me the truth even if I don’t want to admit it but that is what has made the biggest difference in my life. So many times in my life I blamed others for how I felt or why something happened, but with Angie and the tools that she has taught me, I can now stop playing the victim.

Working with Angie has really helped me think a new way. I look at problems differently so I am able to handle them differently. It has NOT always been easy but it has been worth it. The one thing I love the most is that I have learned so many great life tools from Angie that I use on a regular basis.  Now I teach my children these tools so they can use them to cope with life as they grow up. Thanks so much, Angie!

Jessica Lane, Harriman, TN

“I highly recommend participating in a class with Angie Monko & Lisa Rose; having done so, my life's perspective has been changed for the better---forever! They are unbelievably knowledgeable, selflessly generous, deeply convicted, honest, loving and amazingly positive people. It may sound like a cliche, but I truly think they have the insight on personal peace & happiness that goes beyond a depth that most are willing to offer. Do yourself a favor...try to spend some time with these ladies. If you want it to, your life will change because you did!”

Blessings....Jil Y. St. Louis, MO

 “I work in a very stressful, demanding job which seemed to stress me out often. My past, unresolved conflict, etcetera kept me from being the peaceful, productive person I've always wanted to be. After meeting Angie and Lisa and participating in EFT classes, I noticed an instant change in my stress levels. I have been to many different psychologists and psychiatrists and never felt the positive shift that came about from a couple of sessions of tapping. Practicing EFT, I am now a calm, assured, productive person who can tap through issues and go forward in a very peaceful downstream manner. I feel so blessed to have had the privelege to have been taught by Angie and Lisa.”
Joan Decker, St. Louis, MO

"I started working with Angie 1 on 1 on the recommendation of a wise friend. This friend and business colleague knew my struggles with my business, gaining focus and reaching my goals. The Return on Investment from my 1 on 1 sessions far exceeded my expectations and led me to partake in one of Angie’s workshops. 

For years I have struggled with gaining an inner balance and focus, not only personally but professionally. I own two businesses and am a partner in another while juggling three kids and ample family drama and chaos. Monetary success and focus have always seemed beyond my reach. Initially I was slightly skeptical at the idea of hypnosis and using the EFT technique, but I was willing to try new things to help me learn more about myself and to be more successful, as a business owner, mom and wife. Angie’s warm nature, positive attitude, experience and the referral from my friend put me at ease and after the first 1 on 1, I was hooked. 

Being open and honest in the process with Angie’s guidance and encouragement has made the 1 on 1 sessions as well as the workshops invaluable to me. I have learned a lot about my own baggage and the baggage of others that I have been carrying that keep me unfocused and stressed. I feel more settled and more comfortable in my own skin, feel more comfortable and open as a mom, and more open to success. I have experienced business growth which has come from my own personal growth, none of which would have occurred without Angie’s help.

I’m hooked and I recommend you absolutely take the leap of faith with yourself and with Angie."

Julie Padberg-White, St. Louis, MO

"The work Angie has done with me has changed my internal life greatly to the better. Besides my parents and husband, my relationship with Angie has had the most impact on who I am and can allow myself to be. I am truly grateful for every day that I have been privileged to be in relationship with Angie. Tapping and meditating has allowed me to overcome dark secret fears that I cannot show to the rest of the world. The environment of love and acceptance that Angie helped me create within myself helps me to face and overcome my fears, and to know that I can do anything if I just decide to do it. There are no real limitations and I can create my own reality in the way I choose to view events and feelings. While lots of books can talk about and state these ideas, the work Angie does gives us a tool to tap into the power within and not to fear our strength. 

Most people believe it is our biggest fear to fail. I believe that is one way to look at it, but that the deeper truth is that we are afraid of our power and once we realize the power we have within it is now our great responsibility to live up to it.

Angie helps me in my struggle to live up to my power and potential. I love her forever for that."


 "My biggest takeaway from the 3 Massive Mistakes was the joy of being reminded that other people are successfully working on world change/balance one person at a time!" 

Kellee Sikes, St. Louis, MO

Before I met with Angie my heart was broken and I needed to be fixed.  My bank account was a mess and I hadn’t been on a date since my divorce.  I felt lost and insecure around my self worth.  While working with Angie I discovered that my heart had healed, my bank account became something for me to be responsible for, and my life was full, rich, and exciting.  Angie gave me access to tools that gave me room to heal and become fulfilled. 

Angie, thank you so much for your patience, generosity, coaching, and stubbornness to stand for transformation in MY life even when I didn’t want to stand for myself.

Love you lots Angie!  Thank you so much!

Kevin Harrman, St. Louis, MO

Having spent the last 15 years in corporate America, I was excited to venture out & start my own business.   Once I jumped in, I quickly began to feel confused, stuck and unsure of the way forward.  It was during this time that I met Angie Monko of Harmony Harbor.  Through the Whole Soul Intensive Program I became aware of how fear was holding me back.  By the second day, I was feeling empowered and understanding how to respond to situations to bring about better results, faster. Working with Angie opened my mind to look at the logistics of projects and explore the emotional issues associated with it. By doing this, I was able to find clarity & confidence.  Angie asked insightful questions and gently guided me to solutions, often in unexpected directions that created productive insights.  The Whole Soul Intensive was the catalyst that led me to other solutions, and now my business is booming! I just got another big promotion! I highly recommend Angie's services!

Lanette G. St. Louis, MO


By working with Angie Monko over the last six, short months, I have gained a sense of strength and self-worth
that I had no idea existed inside of me. I was stuck in a downward, self-destructive cycle that I'd come to believe
was just my life and I'd better learn to deal with it.

Through holistic approaches, Angie helped me conquer one issue at a time.  Once I broke through and realized
there was hope for me to be happy, it felt as if a million different switches had flipped on inside of me.
I just knew in my heart and felt in my soul that I was heading down a much better path that would change my life,
a path of self-worth, hope, and courage to move past the worst moments of my life and not let them control me.

Angie helped me to take small steps to help me break down my walls so that I could truly realize where all of the pain
and hurt was coming from. I realized that I had associated a lot of my depression and anxiety with specific incidents
that had happened in my life, but there was more within me that was provoking those feelings.

She brought to light different scenarios and patterns in my life that fed those feelings. We started working to first
acknowledge and understand those feelings, and then we attacked the true root of the problem and worked through
all the pain.  Angie helped me blossom into the person I know I was truly meant to be. I feel so much more capable
and deserving.

I can now talk about and acknowledge the different incidents that happened in my life in such a different manner that
allows me to keep my peace. She taught me that it is okay to feel my feelings, but then I must step back and let go and
move forward. I feel as if I have a new relationship with myself and that I won’t let myself be hurt or controlled by my
surroundings anymore.

I am so grateful that Angie helped me to get to know who I really am and gain a different, freeing perspective of life. 
I am a work in progress.  I can only imagine what my future holds! I realize that future obstacles don't have to control me.
It is such a surreal feeling to not feel weighed down by a hundred different anchors tied to my ankles. I honestly believe
my new energy and way of thinking have helped rid me of toxic surroundings and brought relationships into my life that
match my energy and are helping me grow into the person I desire to be.

Angie, thank you so much for flipping my world around, and giving me such a different perspective on what life is. I can’t
wait to see how my future unfolds as I continue to grow and learn.

XOXO - Lauren Crooks, St. Louis, Missouri

"Since I was a child I have struggled with severe depression and anxiety. As I entered my teenage years, I began to use alcohol to cope with my insecurities. After high school, I began a downward spiral that led to 4 hospitalizations within 8 years. Many times, I would get focused on suicide and hopelessness, and shortly after, an attempt would follow. After my last attempt, which was the most dangerous, my boyfriend found Angie at Harmony Harbor, and so I began my treatment. I had two obstacles when finding treatment. I have a young daughter, so care for her during my sessions was necessary. Also, money. I was fortunate enough to have a good support system in place and therefore both obstacles were easily overcome.

I chose Angie because of her wonderful reviews and testimonies on google and her website, but that isn't the only reason I chose her. She called me while I was in the hospital and that was when I gained a lot of respect for Angie. She was adamant that I was the one seeking help and not other people pushing me into treatment. This made me feel safe from the start with her and I knew she was on my side. As I am writing this testimonial now, I remember back to that time in the hospital 6 months ago and I am so relieved that I have taken this journey with Angie. My past hasn't changed, my memories didn't go away, but I feel like I have control over my life again. I have been given skills and processes to stick to when times get rough. My whole attitude has changed and for that I am most grateful.

The part I enjoyed most was simply talking with Angie. Sometimes, I would sit in my car and I would be in a good mood and I knew I was going to have to get real with her, so I would have resistance to going inside. Or, just the opposite, I would feel really down and I felt too defeated to walk to the door. But, each time I would get up the courage to walk up to the door and by the time I left, I felt rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world. I feel like every time I needed to try something else, a different process to follow, Angie knew just what I needed.

I still have good and bad days, but the bad days are fewer and I now know how to handle the thoughts that lead me into bad days. I think these techniques, as long as I continue to implement them, are the most instrumental in the healing and coping process for me. Thanks, Angie!"

Linda, St. Louis, MO

 “I went to see Angie Monko for help with a fear of rejection or what I thought was a phone phobia. Having a home based business, I need to be able to make phone calls without fear. This has been a lifelong problem for me which I labeled 'calling reluctance'. After about an hour session with her, I was astonished to have discovered, that the real core issue I was dealing with was actually fear of success. 

My conscious mind wanted to be successful but my subconscious mind didn't feel it was safe because in the past, I had experienced an illness which caused defeat after success. Therefore, I was holding onto the belief, that success only leads to failure. I let go of the fear of success, and viola, like magic I was able to make my important calls without fear. All this from just one hour with Angie. Angie has a unique and intuitive method for finding out what's really going on! I am so grateful to her.”

Lisa Rose, Fitness Trainer

 “I have known Angie since the 3rd grade.  She is a born counselor, and highly intuitive, a bright light when all else seems dark. She has helped me in countless ways, many of them being through her amazing techniques with EFT.  Thanks for everything, Angie, and all the best to you!”

Love Always, Leslie

 “Angie helped me through EFT with forgiveness. I thought I had forgiven a man who had attacked me, but with EFT I realized I had only forgiven the boy who had been mistreated by his family. I had not forgiven the adult man, the stranger who chose to hurt me without any reason. Once I recognized this, I was able to let go of this distinction and forgive him. On another issue, I felt stuck and unable to let go of the resentment towards someone and forgive him. Angie helped me move through a process whereby I got in touch with a sub-personality (13 year old angry boy) who carried my anger and hostility towards people who cross my boundaries. I had denied my anger so often in these situations that this aspect of me had stayed hidden from myself. I had a dialogue with that part of me and embraced the wisdom he offered. 

Anger is healthy when we recognize it early and take appropriate action to speak up, stand our ground, or generally take care of ourselves when we are out of balance. Once I understood how my anger was trying to serve me, I easily forgave the person I was resenting. I gave myself permission to be more emotionally honest and in that way create stronger boundaries which are in my best interest.”

Love, Susie M, St. Louis, MO

“I was impressed with the 3 Massive Mistakes workshop because it was so personally empowering and Angie was so real and down to earth. She didn’t talk down to anyone, and that increased my trust. She showed a lot of vulnerability and personal honesty, which I really respected. Through the workshop, I was reminded about the goals, decisions and boundaries that I can so easily set in my business, but that I often ignore when dealing with my own personal needs. Angie promotes a type of personal empowerment that forces you to use the same type of personal honesty and vulnerability that she herself shows, in order to become less stressed personally and professionally. I highly recommend it!"

Lysa Renovitch

"I felt completely overwhelmed by feelings of loss, failure, rejection, fear, anxiety, abandonment and apathy. Divorced, bankrupt, no job, living with a friend, and rarely seeing my kids, it wasn't long ago that I was abusing substances, cutting myself and suicidal. I had no idea how I could possibly afford the WSI or coaching without taking a serious financial risk, I chose to take a risk.I have benefited enormously from the 121 coaching. The action plans and accountability have been pivotal and motivating. It has changed my life.

Once I realized I could access Angie as needed, I always got immediate resolution to questions and concerns. Her passion to break down erroneous belief systems and replace them with truth and love is completely genuine. She is fiercely committed to her client’s growth and transformation. My mindset, attitude outlook, beliefs and feelings have all radically changed, even while my situation has essentially remained the same. I still have the same past and still face the same circumstances. But my ability to manage my emotions and beliefs in the face of all of this has changed so much in such a short time that my F&F see the difference without me saying anything about it and are amazed.
It’s shocking to me how much we resist change, no matter how badly we need it. Especially when we need it. 

This resistance can take many forms. For me a huge barrier was removed as Angie explained no one goes from a to z. Instead we go from a to b to c to d, etc. I was always overwhelmed by the prospect of changing because I knew I had such a long way to go..so much to overcome. But the distance is shorter than I could have imagined, as Angie is divinely gifted with the ability to help others determine the right next step for them. Taking action on just one step, even if there is remaining doubt, fear, disbelief, resistance to change, is the beginning of total transformation. And Angie is there to guide, encourage and motivate you along the way. It’s truly one step at a time. Sounds simple but oh how powerful and freeing it is! 

Lysa Renovitch, St. Louis

“I really loved the class Angie and Lisa presented at CSL. I was standing in line to check out and the candy bar was yelling for me but I started tapping and by the time I was finished I had no desire for the candy bar. I let it stay on the shelf for somebody else. Thanks for the opportunity to learn a new response!”

Marigene DeRusha, St. Louis, MO

I started working with Angie Monko soon after a health crisis in which I ended up losing my right eye. After the diagnosis, I felt so overwhelmed.  I’d been used to taking care of everyone else my whole life, putting THEIR needs first. Angie taught me a mindset that allowed me to put myself first without feeling guilty or selfish. She also taught me Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which really spoke to me and helped me down a path to better awareness and understanding of myself. It’s been a wonderful tool to relieve overwhelming feelings, a real gift to myself.

Angie’s insightful questions helped me to give voice to what I was feeling and to honor these painful feelings, acknowledge them, and then the feelings have a way of letting go of me.  I can’t let go of them, contrary to what most people think or advise when they say, ‘Oh just let it go!’

I use EFT all of the time to manage my overwhelm, anger, frustration, disappointment, fear, you name it, and I can’t say enough about the benefits for me.  Angie’s kindness and sincere caring are evident from the moment you meet her.  Her follow-up email/action plan after each session has been incredibly helpful.  After only 4 sessions, I can really tell a difference in how I’m dealing with everything, especially in my own heart and mind. I am more confident and courageous about speaking up for and getting my needs met.
Ironically, by making myself important for the first time ever, I am actually better for others because they’re getting to know the real me. I am so grateful that my daughter introduced me to Angie. Thank you!

Mary Stephens, St. Louis

"I came to Angie because I was procrastinating in making major business decisions. I was avoiding conflict and not wanting to make a decision for fear of the unknown. I met Angie in my network, and I didn’t consider a competitor. What I found most helpful about the process was that I felt completely at ease in confiding in Angie and I trusted the process. Angie explained very thoroughly and comfortably what the process consisted of and gave me the tools necessary to break through barriers in my mind. I gained the confidence to make game-changing decisions and face the tough tasks that I had been avoiding with my staffing needs for the agency. I have repositioned one employee and hired another two since meeting with Angie. My business is now on the right path to success, rather than being stuck in a rut before meeting with Angie. I attribute our hypnosis session as unlocking the power to allowing me to make the tough decisions and take the necessary risks in order to succeed. If you go in with an open mind and are committed to self-improvement, the value of meeting with Angie is immeasurable.”

Matt Crismore, St. Louis, MO

I had successfully moved on from a high-stress professional conflict nearly ten years ago, but for some reason, a part of my brain wouldn't let go of resentment about it.  It was annoying and, frankly,  embarrassing.  I never spoke about these feelings to anyone, but there was always this unwanted dark cloud that would often appear over my head.  When Angie led our Whole Soul Experience group through a hypnosis session designed to address "something annoying that you struggle with," I decided to put hypnosis to the test.  Before going through the Whole Soul Experience, I wouldn't say I was a hypnosis skeptic, but I definitely had a "wait and see" approach. 

After experiencing a very simple exercise that had me feeling fully in control of the process the entire time, I can definitely say that just one session had an immediate effect.  It's now been about two months, and I can't even call up those emotions if I try.  It's like Angie had removed that part of my brain that would return to those feelings.  I'm not sure how it worked - in some way, in some way it seems like it shouldn't have worked; it was so simple.  But it did, and I'm very thankful for Angie's help.

Matt Gordon, O'Fallon, MO.

"Before working with Angie I was struggling with doubt. I didn't know if I had the ability to create abundance while helping others. I had difficulty saying I was worth the investment I was charging.

As I started looking for a solution, I was worried about hiring another coach and investing even more money on another program that would not work. I was willing to live with regret more than taking chance. 
Angie helped me see that the solution was within me and she showed me how to notice my blocks that kept me stuck and a few simple yet powerful techniques that eased my mental anguish without worrying about fear of failure or self-doubt taking over my mind.

I felt relief and excitement about building my business knowing that I am right where I am supposed to be because the anguish I was feeling taught me to see my true power. As a result of working with Angie, I am now ready to step into the spotlight without judgment."

Maureen Wielansky
The Vitality Expert

When I first started meeting with Angie earlier this year I was a mess and she was there to help me pick up the pieces and put myself back together again, and give me faith in myself to move forward and for that I am so grateful. Everything she has taught me has been such a huge help to me and I have worked hard to improve myself every day through the advice that she has given me. The combination of meeting with her in addition to the attending the online whole soul really helped me to emotionally make so many leaps forward and I know that I am now on the right track to a healthier and happier life.

I already feel so much happier in my life than I did all those months ago and really nothing outwardly has changed. But things inside me have changed, and I can see that so clearly. I cannot thank Angie enough for all the help she has given me inside and outside of our scheduled meetings together. Her insight has been inspired and I know that I am a better person today because of what she has done for me.


Morgan Higdon, Idaho Falls, ID

Dear friends,
I am overwhelmed by gratitude when thinking about how Angie changed my life for the best.
Extremely powerful and successful towards outer world I was overstressed, sad and very broken inside, I reached that point where I knew something had to be changed but had no idea what and how. Luckily for me, I met Angie back in October 2011 by chance and had asked her to 'quickly teach me stress reduction techniques'. What seems  to me back then to be a one hour meeting had turned to be a long-term coaching relationship. 3.5 years later I never felt more aligned with my true self, or empowered to take on and embrace any challenge that comes my way. The decision to commit to on-going work with Angie was not an easy one due to money or time it required but by far one of the most important decisions in my life.
Ever since the day I stepped into Angie's office for a quick fix, I never felt more supported, challenged, understood, called to truth - and, above all, loved, cared for and cherished. That one afternoon my journey to self-knowledge, emotional healing, unconditional  love and acceptance had started - journey that I would not dream of or be able to take on without Angie's  support.
Any person who wants to discover his/her true self and heal their live - please do not waste another day to start your own journey. Like GPS, Angie's coaching will help you to make this road most quick and efficient. Angie will not only aid you with all the amazing knowledge and techniques she possesses but she will also hold you accountable for doing your part the best you can.
So go on, hit that road - and enjoy discovering your true, amazing, powerful self.
With love, Olga Gorodetsky
p.s. I welcome you to contact me privately for references about my experience.
I privately coached with Angie for over 3 years and attended group events - whole soul intensive, a retreat, and master mind groups.

Working with Angie has given me several gifts:  clarity in what I want from life, trust in my abilities, compassion for others, and, most
importantly, love and connection with myself. Angie taught me how to control less and allow more, how to feel more and think less...
I've learned my values and motivating factors, my most wonderful traits to use in the world, and pitfalls to avoid.

I am now great at building relationships, defining priorities for my life, and I succeed much more by being my true self. I live my life to the fullest, with passion and creativity.

Don't get me wrong.  My life is not perfect in any way, but when life throws me a curve ball, I have the tools and the strength to deal with it. I say 'bring it on' and enjoy the ride.

Thank you, Angie, for bringing me back.

 Olga Gorodetsky
I started working with Harmony Harbor to help grow my business. I was concerned about investing money in myself and whether it would work for me.
I chose Harmony Harbor based on the success of another consultant that had worked with Angie. I enjoy so many aspects of working with Angie, but if I
had to choose, I'd say I love the hypnosis because it's so comforting.

Angie always makes me "feel" like I'm in a safe place where I can share and open up. The question is will I put in as much work to heal and move forward
as Angie does for me. As I said, I started with HHC for my business. When I understood how much more Angie had to offer, I wanted to do everything because
I want to be the best Ruth God created me to be! I'm feeling much better about myself, and as a result, my business is growing, I'm eating healthier and releasing
weight, and having harmonious relationships because I'm honestly communicating with others.

Investing in ourselves is the hardest thing to do because we need to believe we are worth it! We must be able to trust the one we're working with.
We need to be ready to change if we're not where we want to be in life. One would think it would be easy to make this decision. Just do it!! Right?
Well, unfortunately, humans are not that logical. I sincerely hope whoever is reading this that you will take the calculated risk and reach out to Angie. You CAN
trust her. I highly recommend Angie.

Ruth King, Kingston, TN

I started working with Angie around 2012.  My initial inquiry was related to hypnosis and the possibility that I could gain some peace and insight into my life.  At the time, I was struggling in business and in my marriage.  We were coming out of the recession and I was confronted with significant financial insecurity. 

We started with hypnosis but Angie recognized that the struggles I was having could be addressed with other modalities of care.  We worked on all aspects of my life and used different techniques including EFT, Healing Code and Private Coaching. 

I am happy to report that with Angie’s help I am in a much, much better place.    Economic insecurity has left me and my relationship to my work and my wife is incredible. I have been able to redefine the meaning of success and gain the ability to deal powerfully in every aspect of my life.

I can’t recommend Angie Monko and Harmony Harbor Coaching enough.

Eternally grateful,


 “Angie has helped me begin the journey to become the person I would like to be. Angie has a well developed gift for seeing through your nonsense and straight to the heart of the issue. Through hypnosis and other methods Angie is helping me walk through a journey to realize my dreams and to recognize my self-inflicted roadblocks. Angie is easy to talk to and very interesting in her own right. You really feel like you are just having coffee with an old friend, yet a friend who has the professional insight to guide your thought process into realizing that you have the tools you need to move forward and you are just not using those tools to the best of your ability. Many times Angie has called me out on one thing or another and really pushed me out of my box to make me stop and think about what I have just said and how it effects my business and family. 

Angie continuously strives to help me balance my desire to be successful and my absolute need to be the best father and husband I can be. That conflict rages on daily and Angie has been the one person to recognize this conflict and provide tools to help me cope with the struggle. I use the tools Angie has taught me every day to help resolve the conflict between work and family. I am a happier person now, not because I have become more successful, or a better dad, but simply because Angie has helped me realize what is happening and more importantly she has taught me to deal with it. We still have a long way to go but this a journey not a destination.”

Scott Cramer, St. Louis, MO

I felt “stuck” when I came to HHC.  I had an amazing business coach that helped me with certain aspects of my life, in addition to growing my business, but I just wasn’t able to get past some blocks.  I wasn’t even sure exactly what was “blocking” me.  I was hesitant to spend time and money to work on these “blocks” when I wasn’t sure what if anything could help me grow.  I honestly stayed busy so I wouldn’t have to deal with upsetting issues or feelings I wanted to avoid.  I had heard about Angie from Referral Institute and BNI –good reputation. 

I like variety so learning different techniques to use at different times has been especially helpful for me.  I was very hesitant and doubtful about EFT/tapping; it sounded way too “weird” to me.  I also thought people who used hypnosis were probably just “faking” that hypnotic state, and I certainly didn’t want to say or do anything that I wasn’t aware of.  I totally didn't understand what hypnosis was.  And then when Angie mentioned healing codes, I was skeptical but by this time very willing to try ideas to help me in my personal/emotional growth. 

Angie explained how  I could use whatever process/technique felt right at any given time, as I was growing and changing  in how I viewed where I am today and where I want to go. These techniques provide me with a system and structure to focus and discover areas of my life that I have just “brushed aside” rather than think about and work through. 

I have always known that if I keep thinking and doing things the same way, it was crazy to expect different results. Until working with Angie, I just avoided facing some of the challenges. Once I addressed them, I realized  they weren’t so large or difficult after all.  The questions she asks me makes me think about issues that I have just “put off."  Now I feel so much less stress and “lighter” than when I was walking around with the burdens.

If you really want to make some changes in your life, have tried to some extent in the past, haven’t achieved the results you want, AND you are willing to commit to working through some uncomfortable issues, Angie is the coach for you.  It is important to be open to unfamiliar or unusual techniques that you may have actually laughed at in the past.  When these techniques are brought into your life at the right time, when you are ready for them, they can help you open your life to grow and experience the peace and joy that I believe God intends for all of us. 

Tammy Luechtefeld, Ballwin, MO

Angela helps her customers to reach an unprecedented level of consciousness, harmony and peace. It opens a field of new perspectives each one lands on with tranquility. I have a profound respect for her ethics, professionalism and business ethics. Angela is a strong professional, doubled by a fascinating woman, curious about others, open to the various cultures and persons whom she meets. She exudes a calm, friendly, positive and constant strength that I had the happiness of feeling, even outside the professional frame and with her family Harmony is definitely one of her core values that she uses on a daily basis. She does walk the talk! Thierry'

I was frustrated and stuck when I came to Harmony Harbor Coaching. My business wasn’t generating enough
to provide for my family, it wasn’t growing, my health was declining, and I wanted a family more than anything.
I was afraid it would be too “woo woo," new age or conflict with my values and religious beliefs.

I chose Harmony Harbor because of the raving endorsement by Virginia Muzquiz and because Angie's mention
of God. I wasn’t sure that we shared identical beliefs, but knowing that we have a common belief in a higher power
called God as the creator of the universe and that we were both raised in the Christian tradition made me feel
much more comfortable. 

At first, I was impressed with the impact of emotional freedom technique. But more recently, I’ve been using
The Healing Codes, and the results have been remarkable.  My confidence has skyrocketed. I am less intimidated
in groups or by people that I previously would have been intimidated by. I am coming to accept my own value, worth
and purpose.

My business is growing and I’m charging prices more in line with the value I offer, rather than a dollar for hour price
which kept me on the gerbil wheel of needing to work more to make more.  I remember after one particular healing
code in which I focused on being confident when I “put myself out there” that I was faced with three specific situations
within a few days that I would have typically avoided or kept my mouth shut. 

Rather, I was emboldened to speak up, gently of course, but my voice was heard where it otherwise would have
been silent. It was a big step for me. The support I’ve received with Harmony Harbor also encouraged and enabled me
to have the confidence to pursue foster and adoption to grow my family. I’m focusing more and more on my health, and
as I keep working through some of my deep issues, I think the health issues will begin to right themselves.

I highly recommend Angie and HHC!

Thanks, Angie!

Tiffany Hoeckelman,St. Louis, MO

 “I am pleased with Angie and her approach to wellness. My energy was so blocked. I have been working with Angie, doing 1 to 1 coaching and EFT for about a month and a half, and I feel so much lighter in my body, mind and spirit. I have greater clarity and direction.”
All the best, Yolanda Pope, Texas

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