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Manage All Stress in Your Life With This Guaranteed Method

You’ve probably heard that stress is the silent killer. It is true, more than you may know. Your body remains healthy, your cells’ immunity strengthened, as long as your cells are not in stress.  The stress around you in the form of demands from your boss, your kids, your spouse, and others, your education, your job and personal responsibilities, and on and on, wreak havoc on your nervous system. 

All of this external stress manifests in negative emotions of anxiety, fear, anger, etc., which create toxins in the body and cause you to lose energy.  Ever notice how tired you become after fighting with someone?   

Stress isn’t going anywhere.  Your ONLY option is to learn how to manage it, re-direct it.  Managing your stress should be taken seriously if you want to live a quality life.  Your other option is to avoid the stress issue and one day regret your life. 

Why Other Methods Don’t Work

It's important to understand if you haven't been able to get rid of stress in your life it is NOT YOUR FAULT. Perhaps you’ve tried managing life’s stressors by taking pills and medication.  That is certainly an option, and sometimes it can be a necessary bridge to health and well-being.  We’re not doctors, and so we’re not giving medical advice here.  We’re simply making you aware.

The pills and meds don’t deal with the underlying source of WHY you are feeling anxious and fearful.  That is why many people continue to rely on drugs to manage their feelings.  The prescription doesn’t take away the CAUSE; it only deals with the EFFECT. As long as the CAUSE remains, so will the painful emotion.

Are you tired of being on the roller coaster of Emotions, where they whip you around like a slave and leave you feeling out of control? In fact, you are a slave to your emotions most of the time, because you are a puppet to what the subconscious dictates. The subconscious houses emotions and beliefs, and it inundates you with 1500 thoughts per minutes, most of which you’re unaware of.  Sounds pretty scary huh? 

If you’re ready for a stabilizing force in your life and you’re tired of the Emotional roller coaster you’ve been on, consider our method.

The only way to effectively eliminate stress from your life WITHOUT the use of drugs is to change your mind on a deep level. The subconscious mind controls pretty much everything you do and 99%+ of every emotion you feel.  

There is some underlying issue, some belief you have about the world and about life, that is making you feel stressed. If you dig deep down with the right help you can uncover what's going on and then you can change it. Once you have changed these thoughts you will simply not have stress. You will live a stress free life. In fact it will be hard for you get stressed out even if you try!

How Harmony Harbor Coaching Can Help 

We help you get to the core, energetic CAUSE of why you feel stressed.  Partly it’s because you feel like a Victim to everything going on around you.  You probably have a belief that things are happening TO you, most of which are out of your control. You may feel like the “other shoe is going to drop” at any time, especially when you get in the unfamiliar territory of feeling happy.

Sounds strange, but most of us are not “wired” to feel happy.  80% of our brain is negatively wired.  So we have to make an effort to be OK with the feeling of joy, happiness and peace.

Until you become aware of the true cause of your anxiety and deal with that, the ability to minimize the damage of stress will elude you. We help you determine that cause so that you can feel happy and even believe you deserve it. Let us help you become a master of your destiny and health, rather than continue to allow your negative emotions to be the master. 

We can help you manage stress through refined techniques that work with the Subconscious Mind, the store house of all of your experience and emotion. Our techniques and intuitive coaching help you identify patterns and limiting beliefs that are destroying your peace of mind. We love and nurture you, creating a space for your transformation, until you can love, accept, trust and forgive yourself. 

We are mind coaches and experts. We know what to do to remove the painful beliefs and replace them with empowering ones. This is the only way to permanent and lasting change and the key to living a stress free life. For a free consultation fill out the form on the right. 

So What is Your Next Step?

Privately coach with us for a laser-focused experience. Click here to schedule a session.
We will work with you one on one and figure out exactly why you are so stressed and then use advanced mind techniques to help you effectively manage stress and redirect it. You deserve to live a stress free and happy life and be in complete control of yourself. 

Now the bad news is that if you don't change on a subconscious level, no 'will power,' pill, or anything else you can do will help. You will always feel stress. The good news is that once you decide to make this change and complete the process (which doesn't take that long at all), you will have equipped yourself with the tools to manage the world around you. In fact it will be hard to even get stressed! You owe it to yourself to get a free coaching session with us. We will go over techniques you can use to permanently eliminate stress from your life now as well as go over how our coaching sessions work. Fill out the form on the right. We look forward to speaking with you. 

Take action NOW!  Contact Harmony Harbor Coaching at (314) 422-6520 to move forward in your life and discover the freedom of effectively managing stress!

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