Angie Monko

Angie Monko is the owner of Harmony Harbor Coaching (HHC) since March 2008.  
Angie works with professional women who want to confidently AND passionately live
life on THEIR terms without feeling guilty or selfish.

Do you ever feel pulled in many directions, trying to be everything to everybody,
putting your needs last and then feeling exhausted?

As women, we tend to get stuck in a vicious cycle. We give and give until we start
to feel resentful.  So we pull back and start taking more time for ourselves, and then
the guilt sets in.  This is the opportune time for someone to call and ask us to give
of our time and/or money, because we want to relieve the guilt.  

So we say YES to many requests of our time, when in our hearts, we really want
to say NO. Then we start to resent all over again.  We are stuck in the resentment-guilt loop. 

Can you relate? Angie is not advocating that we become selfish and self-centered
and ignore everyone's needs but our own.  After all, our feminine, nurturing energy
(balanced with the ability to take action and speak up, a masculine trait) and emotional
intelligence are badly needed in society today.  

Angie IS advocating that we take CARE of and VALUE ourselves, in other words,
become a Worthy Self-Advocate. Live our PASSION.

A Worthy Self-Advocate practices principles of tolerance and compassion for themselves
FIRST, and by so doing creates a ripple effect of peace, prosperity, kindness and
generosity that positively impacts the family unit, economy, government, schools, churches,
the health system, and the world at large. 

For nearly 15 years, Mindset Maven Angie Monko has helped hundreds of people
feel happier, more confident, and more energized and excited about life. She is a
visionary and leader who is lighting the way so others may do the same. She has
helped people feel empowered to live life on their terms. She has helped people
become healthier and less likely to get sick. She has helped people repair broken
relationships and create new healthy ones.  She has even helped people double
and triple their incomes. 

Angie creates a safe space to help people transform into their best selves through
her workshops, retreats, coaching and online programs. She teaches people how
to set healthy boundaries by becoming "worthy self-advocates" and move past
subconscious blocks so they reduce their stress, take better care of themselves
and are then better equipped to care for others. She is an expert in mind and emotions,
a seasoned emotional freedom technique practitioner, certified hypnotist and certified
healing code practitioner.

Twenty years ago, Angie was overweight, in an unhappy marriage to her ex, and 
stressed out in a corporate job.  She wasted a lot of energy on worrying about money, 
complaining about her husband, feeling trapped in a job she didn’t like, and feeling guilty 
over food and body image issues.  Life was a real struggle!  

Angie is so grateful that she was able to change all of this, and she can help you do
the same. Angie released weight, is now happily married to Steve, created a thriving business
in which she and her husband work full time, allowing them a 6-figure lifestyle of traveling at
least three times yearly with her family. She has two lovely young daughters, Chelsea (21) and
Maddie (20).

Angie started a career in accounting in 1990 when she received a B.S. in Accounting from
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. She took her CPA exam that same year and
practiced in public accounting for seven years.  She then went into industry at a small
janitor supply company as the controller and then worked for AT&T for 12 years as a
regional operations manager. 

Although Angie learned a lot from her 20 years in the financial field, she was more
interested in helping people live an empowered life. A couple people suggested Angie be
a life coach and referred her to a coach to learn more.  Angie hasn't looked back since!

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