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What is private coaching and how will it help you overcome?
Private coaching is one-on-one coaching with a Harmony Harbor Coaching (HHC) intuitive life coach, expertly trained in how the subconscious mind works.
Private coaching provides laser-focused attention to the specific problems that keep you locked up in fear and anxiety.  Our coaches will help you get to the core cause of why you are afraid and anxious and help you to re-program your thinking so that what you want will align with what you feel in the powerhouse of the Subconscious Mind.

By aligning your choices with your feelings, you will be able to let go of your fears once and for all and get your life back.

How does it work?
Typically you will meet with your coach over the phone or in person twice/month.   The first two sessions are 2 hours and subsequent sessions are 1.5 hours.  You will use Subconscious modalities, such as hypnosis, the healing codes and/or emotional freedom technique, to help re-program your subconscious way of thinking.  You are not required to use all of these techniques, but it’s suggested that you are open to at least trying each one to see what most resonates with you.

 Your coach will help you get to the bottom of your limiting belief systems (your B.S.) that keep you captive to fear.  You are likely not even aware of your own limiting beliefs.  You simply know you don’t feel happy in this area of your life, and you feel stuck.

You will be mailed an agreed-upon action plan after each session.  Your coach will be there to support you between sessions, via email, texts and an occasional, brief, emergency call.

What are the keys to your success?
If you do the following three things, your success and desired results are inevitable:
1) You are coachable and implement the agreed-upon action plans.
2) You are open-minded to new concepts and ideas.
3) You are willing to examine and let go of beliefs that may be causing you harm and suffering.

How long will it take?
That really depends upon your needs and personality.  We offer 4, 8 and 12-session packages (which can be renewed).  Your coach will recommend a package based upon the feedback and answers you provide in a Transformational Blueprint Questionnaire.

You will want to strongly consider HHC as your final port of call (Harmony Harbor, get it) if you’ve been searching for answers within.
We aren’t here to fix you or make you dependent upon us.  We are simply here to guide you to YOUR Greatness Within.

Our motto is 100% Responsibility = 100% Results. We cannot and will not DO IT FOR YOU, but we will provide a safe haven for you to feel secure enough to transform and create change that lasts.

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Private Coaching

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