Becoming-A-Worthy-Advocate Discovery Session

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Angie doesn't work with just anyone, only serious people who are ready to create positive change that lasts and move away from the pain that has kept them firmly stuck in disappointment and frustration.

In this session, Angie will walk you through: 

•Discovering the #1 Belief that is sabotaging you from your biggest desire.
•The one simple step you can take to immediately get into action.

If you're ready to stop a painful habit and replace it with a new healthy alternative (whether that's a relationship issue, health issue or money/career issue), please answer the questions below.

We really want to help you  become a Worthy Advocate for yourself in this challenging area of your life, and so get your answers in right now!

IMPORTANT: You must answer ALL of the questions to be eligible for this gift session. Any received with missing information will be declined.

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