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can a cat change your mood

Tuesday, July 07, 2015
Let's face it we all have our challenges that
affect our motivation.

Yesterday, after the idea that my advertising
efforts were not going well, I shifted my focus
to another situation in my dad's estate.

Now that dad is gone and the smoke has cleared,
I am in the process of selecting an estate sale company
to handle the sale of the remaining contents.

So, I went in to researching different companies and
found one that is having a sale and I went to check it out.

After walking around a while I had several thoughts.  First
thing I noticed was a variety of old time possessions which
reminded me of my dad.  Then I saw how things were
"priced to sell", both observations were disturbing! 

But, what really got to me the most was seeing how all
the people come out to get a deal and "pick over" the
remains of what the deceased person cherished so much.

Have you ever had to experience this?  Well, I was not in
the mood to do any marketing, and doing more with the
estate sale wasn't helping me feel motivated!

HMMM....what else could I do?

Let me think, I do need to start considering a new
car, because mine is getting old and starting to
have problems.  "That's it"!  I will go test drive some

You see I have been working on creating my
dream life, and one of the steps to doing that
is creating my dream board.  There is one
particular type of car I would find exciting to own
and that is a.........

Are you ready for this?  A Jaguar!  Off I went to the
nearest (and only) Jaguar dealer in Missouri or so
they told me.

After browsing around in awe of these magnificent
and powerful high performance sports vehicles I
decided I wanted to drive the F-Type S Coupe, 8 cyl,
550 HP.  I'll admit I was a bit nervous driving something
with that much power, 0-60 in less than 4 seconds,
but, was willing to push through the fear lol.

Wow, what an adrenaline rush!  I even got the salesman
to take my picture sitting in the driveway with me behind the
wheel!!  I forgot how good it felt to dream of something

Have you forgot too?  This is definitely on my bucket
list now and I look forward to filling up my dream board
with many other exciting desires.

Check out the picture below!

PS:  If you’re really serious about creating your most
magnificent life, click on the attached to see
if you qualify for a discovery session:

PSS:  Do you have friends and family that are also
interested in creating their own destinies of
joy and freedom?  Send them to:

The question is do you agree? 

When are you going to get yours?   Read More . . .

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