My Girl Power Weekend!

Angie Monko - Saturday, October 08, 2011
Dear Friend,

I've really been enjoying this gorgeous Midwestern US weather.  Have you?  Last weekend
I was engulfed in girl power!  Six of my favorite girls/women loaded up in an SUV and headed
to Spoon River Drive near Peoria, IL ( it's a bunch of small country towns that host craft fairs).
The participants were myself, my two daughters (15, 16), my two twin nieces (14), my
sister-in-law, and my mom. Even though we really didn't have much room left in the vehicle
to buy anything at this craft fair bonanza, we all wanted to be together on the long three hour
drive one way.  The girls sang on the way up, and it was quite fun, until they switched to rap.

Uugghhh....that's one genre of music I've not adopted.  The traffic was like rush hour in
down town St. Louis, packed!  The weather drew out wonderful crowds. It's one weekend
out of the year in which I indulge my "junk food" pallet.  I don't think you can find a food that's
not deep fried.  Chelsea (my 16 year old) is a peanut butter and jelly fanatic, and this time,
she delighted in a deep-fried PBJ!  They had deep-fried oreos, twinkies, kettle corn,
butter fly pork chops, elephant ears, funnel cakes, caramel apple slices, apple cider,
fried fish, tornado fries, onion strings....  Are you getting the picture?

I don't think I really overate, and I really enjoyed walking around with my family.  The food
didn't nourish my body like the food I'm used to eating, but I was able to experience it and
just have fun, and it nourished my playful side!  That is real progress for me, not needing
my food to be perfect and not worrying about gaining weight.  My nieces even took home
a puppy to give their Grandma who'd just lost a pet. We all had a great time and enjoyed
each other's company.  Do you allow yourself time with the girls and just to have fun?

I hope so.  Being with just women can really boost your spirits!  Try it for yourself. 
Lighten up on your food guilt too.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and savored.

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To your pleasure,

Angie Monko, CH
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