Maddie Finally Stopped Feeling Guilty!

Angie Monko - Friday, November 09, 2012
There has been a lot that’s been happening lately. I have been very busy catching up
with homework from when I was sick. I’m now almost caught up.  Last weekend,
I went to my Mom’s two-day workshop, The Whole Soul Intensive. I wasn't really sure
what I would learn. I thought it would all be repetition and stuff that I’d already learned.

Little did I know I was going to discover a very valuable piece of information about
myself. In the class my Mom told us to think of an event that really drained us of energy
that we wished didn't happen. I thought of an event that occurred with my Dad.
He hurt me physically and I thought I had gotten over this, but obviously I hadn't because
it made me realize how if anybody tries to control me, and even in the slightest way,
I get very upset and want to rebel.

I became aware of a belief that wasn't helping me: I believe that to learn one must suffer.
My mom told me that instead of suffering you can learn by just witnessing your surroundings
and what goes on around you. I now need to work on changing this belief because it could
possibly cause me some problems in my future. 80% of the battle is awareness, right?

Other than that, this is the first time in my life where I've actually had no drama, I've stopped
rejecting myself and feeling guilty, and I feel very happy. I just visited the doctor today (Thursday)
and they were all very proud of me and my results. One doctor even gave me a hug.
Today was the last day I will be getting to see them for a while because my next appointment
will be at my Dad’s in Pennsylvania. So they all wished me a happy journey.  I am very excited
for this change in my life.  Who knows what amazing things could happen in the near future.

Wish me luck on my journey everyone!
Maddie Reynolds
Fredda Schneidt commented on 23-Sep-2014 01:39 PM
Hi Maddie,
It's so gladdens me to read how you have progressed and have come to accept yourself.
Your mom's suggestion that one just needs to be aware of our surroundings. It's so refreshing
to learn a new way of looking at an old belief-and you are right that 80% of healing is awareness.
So I am very happy for you that you have overcome so much and are continuing to grow and
learn in a positive way.

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