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Angie Monko - Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Hello Fellow Seeker, 

Are you ready for results?  If so, then decide to do something different today by 
changing your thought patterns and beliefs. You’ve probably heard that you can’t solve 
the problem at the level of the problem (in other words, at the same level of thinking). 
Until you are ready to choose a different way of being, then you will continue to feel 
frustrated and stuck.  Change is not easy.  You can make it tolerable by making little 
shifts in your thoughts until eventually those little changes accumulate over time into
big shifts in awareness.  I cannot change you or fix you because you are not broken. 

You are whole, perfect and complete in every way.  I am here as a vehicle or channel to 
guide you along YOUR path and to help you remember how amazing you are.  
Whenever you criticize or condemn yourself or your efforts, this is NEVER in alignment
with your highest good, and nor is it true in any respect.  It may be your personal truth, 
but it’s not the Truth of who You are. 

If you are truly ready to release limiting beliefs that keep you overweight or keep you 
in a life of mediocrity….then check out my website Harmony Harbor.  Go to Solutions,
Weight Loss.

To get on your way to freedom, claim your free report “Lose Weight and Keep it Off
Forever Without Willpower” by reaching out to me at [email protected].

You will learn how to quickly and painlessly release blocks to your successful, permanent 
weight loss without diets or willpower.  

You will discover amazing techniques for….  

1. Eliminating limiting beliefs that keep you overweight.
2. Learning how to love, accept & approve of yourself.
3.  Changing your vibration to align with your true self.
4.  Achieving a new level of emotional freedom from obsessive food thoughts.
5. Freeing yourself from the chains of compulsive over-eating or under-eating and other eating 
6. Cultivating a new vision of your ideal self.
7. Letting go of distorted body images.
8.  Letting go of constant comparisons to others.
9.  Creating the life of your Empowered Self, your dream life.
10. Cultivating harmony in your relationships with yourself, Source and others.
11.  And really so much more…..  

I look forward to getting to know you!  Harmony Harbor  

PS:  If you’re really serious about creating your most magnificent life, click on the 
attached to see if you qualify for a discovery session:

PSS:  Do you have friends and family that are also interested in creating their own 
destinies of joy and freedom?  Send them to:


Angie Monko

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