Do you deserve to be rejected?

Angie Monko - Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Have you felt heavy of heart lately?  As I write this, it's 9/11/17.
I suppose it would make sense to feel this way on such a date,
a date in which the USA experienced the devastation of the
Twin Towers tumbling down 16 years ago, losing 2,996 lives.

Usher in the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma,
and the loss of lives and property.  Then there's the political 
climate that really feels as if it's split the USA into two camps
of thought, Trump supporters and Hillary supporters.

Things really feel Effed up, don't they?????!!!!!!

My writing instructor just challenged me to write about the 
"new normal," whatever that means. What is coming into 
being for this new normal? 

Plus, our marketing coach is advising me to write in such a way
to make you (the reader) find me interesting, likable, a memorable
character...but I have no idea what that would look like.

Lately my normal state has been one of confusion, as if I have
no solid footing.  I have no clue what to deliver to this
new normal world. I feel like a fake at times.  Do you?

I feel fake because I teach authenticity and feeling our feelings,
and I seem to fall short A LOT.

My daughter, Maddie, just asked me if I'd been crying, and I said
no.  But I had been...I'd been tapping (using emotional freedom
technique), and it had brought up tears.

She's been trying to connect with me lately, and the only emotion
I can seem to muster is anger. Side note: I've been doing a gut 
cleanse for the last 25 days, and it's bringing up some deep 
emotional goo for me.

Who knows? Maybe I'm menopausal too. Either way, why did I 
lie to her?  I guess because my character is too proud to admit
that I feel weak a lot lately.  I feel that what I have to offer people
is something they don't really want or value.

They don't want to change. They don't want to invest in themselves
because it's hard work, and they're afraid it will be a waste of time
and money.  I can't guarantee them anything except that they will
feel uncomfortable and want to run away from all of this...

If they DO stick it out, most stories of transformation are written such
that the character comes out much happier and more fulfilled. But I 
can't guarantee any results because we're each on an individual 

So what can I bring to the table for my subscribers and viewers? What
are my gifts?  Please ask yourself the same. My ramblings are meant
to get you to thinking.

I'm not 100% authentic 100% of the time.  That would be perfection, 
and I don't want to subscribe to that mindset, though I still do at times.

Just before this writing, I became impatient with my husband and 
business partner, and it stirred up an emotional reaction from him
(that's what caused me to tap, by the way). So yes, that too, made 
me feel fake.  

I don't feel prosperous right now, even though I'm about to offer
a class on how not be a slave to the amount in your bank account.
That feels fake.  When I wrote the class on a flight home from Paris, I 
truly felt abundant and on top of the world. 

The Angie character has been knocked down a few times since then.

She's learned that "she" is really not in charge of this show we call life.
Yet she still tries very hard to control things.

When feeling fake and inauthentic, it's easy to convince ourselves
that we aren't lovable, that we deserve to be rejected.  When feeling
like a fraud, it's much easier to tell ourselves that we're not valuable,
that what we have to offer is rubbish. 

We will compare ourselves to others and think we can never measure
up to their goodness, their generosity, their talent, etc.

The interesting thing is..though the world seems to be falling
apart, and Angie seems to be more anxious than normal, the part 
that Observes the world through her eyes (you may call God or 
True Creative Essence or whatever) knows that absolutely
EVERYTHING is truly OK. 

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK. If you are feeling especially
sensitive to the direction Life is taking you right now
...take a deep
breath with me now... Repeat..."I AM OK. All is well... Things are
unfolding exactly as they should be."

The fear of rejection, fearing our basic core is unlovable and not 
enough, will prevent us from stepping up and moving forward. It 
has for me.

My new normal is to acknowledge that, own it, and not shame myself
for it. My new normal is to say, "I am OK despite appearances. Lack 
is not real.  This is all just an illusion.  Breathe... keep breathing!"

If you're okay with my type of authenticity, where it's OK to feel the
"good" and "bad" emotions, still keep believing in yourself despite the
the crazy thoughts that seep into your heart... if you feel called to 
accept yourself where you're at, and perhaps, open a gateway to 
TRUE prosperity...then check this out.

To Your Prosperity,

Angie Monko

Anonymous commented on 12-Sep-2017 03:23 PM
Angie, thank you so much for sharing this story. As always, this is exactly what I needed today.
Chelsea Dickinson commented on 12-Sep-2017 03:35 PM
I LOVE this blog, Angie! And can truly relate. It seems at times when we're doing all the hard inner work it feels worse and we feel vulnerable...causing the porcupine quills to come up! At least that's been my experience. Thanks so much for sharing and being vulnerable!! It's encouraging, as I believe we are on similar paths. Can't wait for the tapping class Thursday!! <3
Dana commented on 15-Sep-2017 01:52 AM
Angie, You DO make such a difference in OUR LIVES! My husband lost it four times yesterday and I was dreading him coming home today... but he had a phone call conversation with you, and I don't know what all you told him, but it made ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!! When he got home he was humble and loving and apologetic and really listened to me about a couple concerns I had that yesterday would have had him blowing up again. My daughter, after her phone call session with you this week, was so much more upbeat and positive! I could continue to name more, these are only the most recent ones. I believe the adversary (call him Satan or whatever you want) sees someone like you with such a gift and talent for being able to help others heal and that is against what he wants and thus if he can make you doubt yourself he can prevent you from helping so many others become who they are meant to become! The Lord has called you to heal others. It is what you do and who you are. It does NOT mean you have to be perfect to help others in their lives. Your "imperfectness" actually helps you to understand others better and be able to reach them better through that understanding. You have taught me so much and although I don't always adhere to those teachings, each day, each week, each year I am a little bit better than I was before. Thank you! -------------------------------------You are so welcome, Dana! I'm glad it's been helpful. Love you all!

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