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Harmony Harbor Coaching (HHC) was launched in March 2008 by Angie Monko.  

The Mission: To guide you to release fear and replace it with faith, allowing you to live a life of joy, peace, and prosperity, by tapping in to your Higher Self.

The Vision: To create and distribute a repeatable process that educates you on how to live your values and fulfill your heart’s desires to be, do and have whatever you want.  By living in Truth and Love, you create a ripple effect of peace, kindness and generosity that begins within your own mind and spreads to your family, your local community, your state, your country, and to the rest of the world.

It is our passion to help you stand in your power as a solid role model of positive influence.  In this way, you can restore Faith and Integrity in your own health and well-being, your family unit, your economy, your politics, your government, your schools, your churches, your world at large. 

You are yearning for peace within yourself.  You are yearning to express your creativity and joy and be a blessing unto others.  This is the Truth of who YOU are.  Sure, you have faults, negative habits, a history of mistakes.  You have this civil war going on within you.  So what?
What if you could put your past behind you, forgive yourself and become the Light to help others do the same?  That’s what Harmony Harbor Coaching is all about.  

The Philosophies:  We have a few philosophies.  Caution: Put on your Higher Self Hat for this next section, because we’re going to be direct and upfront with you. If you want to Create Change That Lasts, it’s going to require a certain attitude and mindset.  Note: This symbol below (=>) means LEADS TO.
100% Personal Responsibility (without self-rejection) => Results & Freedom
GLADLY Serving Others with Integrity => Grace and Ease
Non-Resistance => Humility => Peace
Gratitude => Prosperity
Forgiving/Loving Others => Joy
Authentic Communication => Passion => Purpose

HHC is here to help you grow up, stop blaming your parents, society, teachers, and release your selfish need for entitlement (which we all have).  Personal responsibility can be difficult but it is essential to claiming your freedom.  Helping you get Results is hugely important to HHC.  
What is even more important is guiding you to be OK with NOT getting results, releasing the attachment to fleeting, self-centered and insignificant goals that cause you suffering and anxiety when not attained. 

We’re not cutting down goals. When done correctly, they are fabulous and lead you back to your Higher Self.

Join us on our Mission and Vision to FREE the world and create a ripple effect of joy, peace, and prosperity, starting within Your Own Mind. Join us on our mission to help others wake up and become AWARE of what is really happening.

You are special, you are loved, and you are here for a reason and purpose.  Start living with Purpose and Passion today! Don’t buy into much of the lies that society has been telling you about your health, your wealth and your relationships.

Much of the “wisdom” in today’s society is totally wrong.  By collaborating with Infinite Intelligence (what we personally call God here at HHC), you have all of the answers and resources and capability within to release victim thinking and sever the dependence you have thus far created in your life on:
Drugs (legally prescribed ones too), alcohol, food, sex, busy-ness (any addiction).

The amount in your bank account (“I can’t do this or that because I don’t have enough time or money!”).

Other people (codependence and rescuing of others).

STOP giving your power away to other people and things.  STOP the shame and blame you instill upon yourself and others because of your past.  WHO really cares?  STOP feeling that you are entitled to a life without obstacles.  Who says life should be easy?

There is a big difference between an easy life and a Life of Ease and Grace.  When we encourage you to live a life of ease and grace, it doesn’t mean life will be easy.  It simply means you will have the ability and resources to handle whatever comes your way.  You will be able to respond in an empowered, loving way with integrity.  THAT is ease and grace!  THAT is Harmony Harbor Coaching!  God Bless You Beyond Reason!

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Address: 2476 Pheasant Run Drive, Maryland Heights, MO 63043

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