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A Guaranteed Proven Method To Stop Smoking For Good

How are you being controlled and mastered by cigarettes and tobacco?  How often have they caused you inconvenience (smoking out in the cold, for example) and embarrassment (people seem to shun smokers more and more nowadays)?  The stench and stains in your teeth and clothes highlight your nasty habit, don’t they?  

How is smoking affecting your health and stamina?  Do you feel shortness of breath as you take the stairs or do some strenuous activity? 

Worst of all, how do you feel about letting your family down with this damaging and life-threatening habit?  You aren’t being a very good role model, are you?  You may even be hiding the habit from your friends and family because you’re ashamed.  So what do you say? Is the time right to let go of this habit that is controlling you from sunrise to sunset?

Why Other Methods Don’t Work 

If you have tried to quit smoking in the past and it didn't work, you must first understand that it is NOT YOUR FAULT.  Smoking is a very ingrained habit, a strong addiction.  It will convince you that YOU MUST have it in order to cope with life. It may seem like your best friend, giving you time “just for you” to relax.  But be assured that it’s your deadliest enemy that is camouflaging itself as a kind, comforting friend. 

If cold turkey, patches, electronic cigarettes, auricular therapy, and whatever else you may have tried haven’t worked, isn’t it time to make a decision to do something different and deal with the true cause of your addiction? 

The Only Solution That Has Lasting Change

There is only one way to permanently stop smoking for good and that is to change your subconscious mind. In your mind at a very deep level, you have linked pleasure to smoking and pain to not smoking. Because of this will power will not work. You must go into your subconscious mind and make it safe to become a healthy non-smoker. Begin associating positive feelings with NOT smoking. Once you do this it will actually be nearly impossible for you to smoke again!

How Harmony Harbor Coaching Can Help 

The easiest way to make this change is to hire a mindset coach, somebody who knows how the mind works and can walk you through exactly what to do to change your subconscious mind. At Harmony Harbor we help you get to the core and change your neuro associations from the ground up. Simply fill out the form on the right for a free coaching session with us now.

Until you become aware of the true cause of your anxiety and deal with that, the ability to permanently stop smoking will elude you. We help you determine that cause so that you can stop smoking forever. We can help you become ready to stop smoking so that you can get your life back and become the master of your fate and health, rather than continue to allow tobacco to be the master. 

We help you to stop smoking through refined techniques that work with the Subconscious Mind, the store house of all of your experience and emotion. Our techniques and intuitive coaching help you identify patterns and limiting beliefs that are destroying your peace of mind. We can help you stop smoking for good, in MUCH less time than other methods. 

So What is Your Next Step?

Privately coach with us  Click here to schedule a session.

Remember if you don't make this shift, this change on a subconscious level, you will never be able to quit smoking. The only way to have lasting change is to change the wiring in your head and the fastest way to do this is to have a coach by your side to guide you. Fill out the form on the right. You will receive a free coaching session where we will go over techniques you can use to start eliminating smoking from your life forever. We will also go over our coaching program and how it works. Fill out the form on the right now, you owe it to yourself to live a smoke free life and take control of your destiny. 

Take action NOW!  Contact Harmony Harbor Coaching at (314) 422-6520 to move forward in your life and stop smoking permanently!

PS:  If you'd like emotional support as you become a healthy non-smoker, check out
Quitza  They are a
caring compassionate community who are first hand proof that hypnosis can help you
quit smoking.

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