Are you tired of saying yes, when you want to say no?

What does it mean if you can't say “No”?

People-pleasing is when you live your life trying to make other people happy, because you think it will make you feel loved and accepted.

People-pleasing looks like:

  • Saying yes when someone asks you to do something, even though you don’t really want to

  • Not telling people who matter to you how you really feel, because it could upset them

  • Taking on the problems of those around you

  • Over-giving and then feeling tired (or resentful!)


Meet Angie Monko

Hi there, I’m Angie Monko. I work with women who notice that they people-please. I help them make different choices so that their lives become healthier and more loving – for them and their families. 

After years of addictive eating and pleasing from a place of fear, I choose the path of love and acceptance. HOW you love makes all the difference.

I’ll guide you to trust your own wisdom. I’ll support you in this process every step of the way.


There is another way

People-pleasing causes us to make choices in our lives that aren’t so great for us, our families, our relationships, our health, or our work. Unfortunately, when we use people-pleasing to try to feel love and acceptance from the people around us, it actually ends up cutting us off from those wonderful feelings.

When you love, you love because it feels good. You give because you want to give. When you love and accept yourself, you no longer spend energy on trying to protect your heart, so now you can truly focus on others.

You begin to speak your truth unapologetically and confidently with kindness and compassion. You trust your ability to choose where to place your energy and loyalties. You begin to trust others.

The world may not understand you, but that’s OK, because you’re getting YOURSELF.

The way forward

For the women I work with, the time has come not to live this way anymore. When you notice that you’re people-pleasing, and it’s not getting you the life you want, you’re actually at a powerful place (even though it may not feel that way!). You can discover how to accept and love yourself for yourself, and then make different choices in your life out of that love and acceptance.

If the time has come for you to stop people-pleasing and make choices from a different place in your life, I’d love to have a conversation with you about what’s going on and how I can help. Click here to take the first step.