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Coaching is the cornerstone of success. One of the biggest mistakes to success is going it alone. Pure determination will not work. Our coaching sessions are based on a proven formula for success. Those who have reached the goals you are trying to achieve did so with coaching.

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Regardless of the type of change you want in your life, your business, relationships, or health and fitness, you need a path to get there. Harmony Harbor Coaching has developed several events that will assist you to get started, maintain and reach your goals.

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Angela helps her customers to reach an unprecedented level of consciousness, harmony and peace. It opens a field of new perspectives each one lands on with tranquility. I have a profound respect for her ethics, professionalism and business ethics. Angela is a strong professional, doubled by a fascinating woman, curious about others, open to the various cultures and persons whom she meets. She exudes a calm, friendly, positive and constant strength that I had the happiness of feeling, even outside the professional frame and with her family Harmony is definitely one of her core values that she uses on a daily basis. She does walk the talk! Thierry'

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